Stockyard Express is excited to remind you of our upcoming Stockyard Exclusive Products made by MTH Electric Trains.

First off we  have two MTH Premier Line NKP Heavyweight RPO cars which would look perfect behind a Berkshire, a silver ALCO PA, a white ALCO PA, or a GP-9.  The Nickel Plate Road never owned a streamlined RPO or baggage car and used the old heavyweights until the discontinuation of passenger service. You have two road numbers to choose from. Regularly these cars would cost $99.95 but we are selling them for $89.95!

The item numbers are:
20-42018 RPO #830
20-42017 RPO #831 (owned by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society)

Both will be in Pullman Green with gold lettering.

Second we have two Nickel Plate Road N6b cabooses also from the MTH Premier Line. Pictured above is MTH’s previous run on of this particular caboose from a few years ago. Ours will be have the same colors and lettering but with different numbers. One will be #1155 which is now being preserved in nearby Vermilion, Ohio and the other will be #1047 which is in Bellevue. Item numbers and arrival date  are to be announced later but they will each be $64.95.

Nickel Plate Road N6b Caboose #1155 – Vermilion, Ohio

Nickel Plate Road N6b Caboose #1047 – Bellevue, Ohio

Lastly we are in talks with MTH to create a Premier Line Wheeling & Lake Erie K-class Berkshire. We have selected #6413 as it had a MARS light before the merger with the NKP and 13 is our lucky number. If you are at all interested in owning one of these engines please contact us ASAP as we will only do it if we have enough orders and or interest!

We strongly suggest that you pre-order any or all of these products with us without delay! You may do so by calling us during store hours at 440-774-2131, emailing us with your name, phone number, and stating which products you are interested at, or by visiting us in person.

To learn more about our exclusive products check out the Stockyard Exclusive page!