Just a quick reminder on how we handle repairs at Stockyard Express. The number of repairs coming in has increased this past season like never before but do not fear we will not fail in getting them all done! It will just take a little more time to do so.

If you have an item whether it be MTH or a conventionally controlled older Lionel we would appreciate if you give us a call beforehand to let us know when you are coming and what you are bringing. Making an appointment is very much appreciated!

Upon your arrival please resist the urge to go straight to Brian’s Workbench, please stop at the front desk so we can write it up and tag the item to insure that it does not get lost. A detailed explanation of the problem is encouraged in order to speed up the process of repairing the item.

As of this time we cannot guarantee same day repairs on any item.

As always Brian, Adam and Clyde are always at the ready to answer any and all of your questions!

Remember our Service Center hours are 11-4 Tuesday-Saturday but you can drop an item off anytime during store hours.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 440-774-2131.