Lionel has released their first 2015 catalogs for both their O-Gauge and S-Gauge products lines. We not be a big Lionel dealer but we can certainly order anything that you want from any of these catalogs. Just give us a call, email, or stop in the store and let us know!

Also please note the new Build-to-Order policy which means that only as many products that are ordered before the deadline date will actually be manufactured.

Items of interest for the local Nickel Plate and Wheeling fan population include the USRA Heavy Mikado in both NKP and W&LE numbers, a Nickel Plate Road stock car, and a Nickel Plate Road ALCO PA AA set.

Simply click on the links below to view the catalogs

2015 Lionel Signature Edition

2015 Lionel Ready-to-Run

2015 Lionel Holiday Memories

2015 American Flyer S-Gauge