Ever since its debut in the Premier Line the GE Evolution Hybrid diesel-electric locomotive has been a popular item. First appearing in the RailKing line up in the 2013 catalog Stockyard Express is happy to report that this version is just as good as popular as the Premier version. So much so that after the initial release MTH had to remake it! MTH later announced an uncataloged caboose to match the engine which is now available.

30-20268-1 GE Evolution Hybrid ES44ACe Imperial Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 $349.95

30-77262 GE Evolution Caboose $59.95

Both the engine and caboose are now available to purchase as a set at Stockyard Express for $379.95!

Get yours today before they are gone!

RailKing GE Evolution Hybrid

RailKing GE Evolution Hybrid