The Locomotive Wall is full again! We have received quite a large number of new engines in both the Premier Line and RailKing from MTH Electric Trains. All can be found on our MTH Online Inventory along with the large number of new freight and passenger cars.

More detailed descriptions of each product can be found either on the MTH website or on upcoming posts here on this website or our Facebook page.

All locomotives are equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0

Sale prices are red

HOT ITEM – Denotes that the locomotive is a fast seller and won’t be around for long!

Premier Line Locomotives

SOLD OUT!!! 20-20400-1 Norfolk & Western (Blue) E8 Diesel ABA $799.95/$739.95 HOT ITEM – Matching passenger cars available

20-20397-1 Southern Pacific E8 Diesel ABA $799.95/$739.95 – Matching passenger cars available

20-20417-1 BNSF Dash-8 Diesel $499.95/$439.95

RailKing Locomotives

30-20197-1 Norfolk Southern SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95 HOT ITEM

30-20195-1 Great Northern SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20196-1 Chessie System SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20198-1 Southern Pacific SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20217-1 Amtrak Genesis #156 Diesel $299.95/$275.95

30-20218-1 Amtrak Genesis #66 Diesel $299.95/$275.95

30-20219-1 Amtrak Genesis #145 Diesel $299.95/$275.95

30-20168-1 GE Evolution Hybrid Demo ES44ACe Imperial Diesel $349.95 HOT ITEM – Has LED charging lights, matching caboose available!

30-20203-1 Conrail Heritage ES44ACe Imperial Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20211-1 CSX ES44ACe Imperial Diesel $329.95/$295.95 – We have lots of RailKing CSX rolling stock that would match check out our inventory!