Stockyard Express has ventured back into the warehouse and look we found! A collection of brand new woodsided reefer cars by Atlas and K-Line. All of these items were cataloged several years ago and many are no longer available. For those of you new to the hobby K-Line was absorbed by Lionel in 2006.

All of these cars are scale and would look great behind a Nickel Plate Road Berkshire or any steam era locomotive. Each has a unique and colorful paint scheme reflecting the very colorful era when railroads moved everything.

Item number, car name, and number listed with price. Call us during store hours or stop in and see them!

Atlas Woodsided Reefers

8105-2 Robin Hood Beer #5301 $54.95
8146-1 La Crosse Breweries #3060 $54.95
8141-2 Coors #5409 $54.95
8100 Atlas Beer #68078 $54.95
6748-1 Milwaukee #85210 $54.95
8145-1 Goetz #14313 $54.95
8102-2 Century Beer #4601 $54.95
8104-1 Nash Food Products #15660 $54.95
8147-1 Hillsboro #3531 $54.95

K-Line Woodsided Reefers

K742-8022 Columbia Soups $54.95
K742-6401 Miller #93000 $54.95
K742-6404 Miller High Life #93135 $54.95