Stockyard Express Central Railroad Track Plan Preview

Stockyard Express Central Railroad Track Plan Preview

Good things come if you wait and today Stockyard Express is happy to present a full track plan for the Stockyard Express Central Railroad otherwise known as the New Layout. The SECR fits in a space 16 feet long by 6 feet wide and utilizes the Lionel FasTrack system. Divided into 2 separate loops, 1 passing siding, and 1 spur track this layout is built for those who love to run trains continuously just like we do at the store. It can be controlled either conventionally or with the Digital Command System.

The layout is divided into 10 electrically isolated sections for DCS recommended “star wiring.” However the Blue Line, Orange Line, and Green Line can all be isolated from each other as well. For example we have it wired so that the Blue and Green lines are powered through one handle of the Z-4000 transformer and the Orange Line is powered by the second handle.

This layout is perfect if you are a fan of RailKing locomotives and rolling stock which are all capable of O-31 curve operation. If you run strictly Premier you will be fine running most diesel locomotives but you may have to watch yourself with steam locomotives. In our experience the largest engines we have run on the SECR have been the Premier UP Challenger, N&W Y3, and the NYC Niagara but they can only fit on the outer loop with O-60 curves. Smaller Premier Hudsons, Pacifics, Mikados, and Berkshires can run on  both the O-60 and O-48 loops.

The large open space in the center is perfect for scenery and for placing operating accessories next to the track around the inner loops. The 4 outer corners are also prime locations for accessories and scenery.

Full catalog price for this layout is $1469.88. Your price is $1322.89* including the full track plan with part numbers.

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 If you would like to see what this layout looks like in real life just watch the video below!