Since it was National Train Day on Saturday, we took the time to make a new video featuring the RailKing Amtrak Genesis Diesel Locomotive number 156. The engine is pulling three Amfleet cars for the Coast Starlight which operates between Seattle, Portland, and  Los AngeIes. In the year 2011 Amtrak celebrated its 40th Anniversary by painting a number of Genesis diesel locomotives in the many different paint schemes that Amtrak has used over the years. #156 sports the earliest red and black nose paint scheme.

This is not the only engine we have from Amtrak in stock. We have a selection of other Genesis locomotives, including an MTH Ready-to-Run train set, and a GP-7 available as either powered or non-powered. If your layout is set in the modern day an Amtrak train is the best way to add passenger service to your empire.


Amtrak #156

30-20217-1 Amtrak #156 Genesis Diesel Engine with Proto-Sound 3.0 $299.95/$279.95

30-20219-1 Amtrak #145 Genesis Diesel Engine with Proto-Sound 3.0 $299.95/$279.95

30-6521 Amtrak 2-Car Amfleet Coach Passenger Set $119.95/$105.95

30-20188-1 Amtrak  GP-7 Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 $319.95/$289.95

30-20188-3  Amtrak  GP-7 Diesel Engine GP-7 Diesel Engine (Non-Powered)  $169.95

30-4230-1  Amtrak Genesis R-T-R Amfleet Passenger Train Set w/Proto-Sound 3.0 $439.95/$389.95

For more Amtrak engines and rolling stock please check out our MTH Product Inventory