New steam locomotives are in the building! We have the MTH Premier Line Union Pacific FEF Northerns in sets or individually, the Chessie System Steam Special Set behind former Reading T1 #2101, and of course we have a couple of New York Central Niagara Express Reefer Sets still available. If you are looking to build up your roster of Premier locomotives and cars the best way to do it is with a Premier Set.

All locomotives are equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0 along with the many other top of the line features found in the MTH Premier Line. Sale prices are shown in RED.

Lets start with the Union Pacific FEFs. Built by ALCO for passenger and fast freight service between 1937-44 the FEFs could and did all. Number 844 has the distinction of being the only steam locomotive in North America to never be retired from active service. We have three versions of these fine locomotives for sale and be sure to check our inventory for our extensive selection of other Union Pacific passenger cars and rolling stock.

20-3534-1 Union Pacific FEF 4-8-4 Northern #839 $1199.95/$1099.95
FullSizeRender 14

20-3534-1 Union Pacific FEF #839

20-3536-1 Union Pacific FEF #843 FEF Northern Express Reefer Set $1,349.95 /$1,249.95 
FullSizeRender 17

20-3536-1 Union Pacific FEF #843

20-3535-1 Union Pacific FEF #844 FEF Northern Passenger Set $1,349.95 /$1,249.95 

20-3535-1 Union Pacific FEF #844

Next up we have the Chessie Steam Special hauled by former Reading Railroad T1 Northern #2101. This locomotive is now housed at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum painted in the  American Freedom Train colors. Sister locomotive number 2100 has recently been moved from Washington state to the Midwest Railway Preservation Society roundhouse in Cleveland, Ohio for restoration. Learn more about it at this link

20-3548-1 Chessie System #2101 4-8-4 T-1 Steam Passenger Set $1,349.95 /$1,249.95 
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20-3548-1 Chessie System #2101

Last, but certainly not least, we have the New York Central Niagaras available with MDT reefers or with streamlined passenger cars.

20-3542-1 New York Central 4-8-4 Niagara Express Reefer Set $1,349.95 /$1,249.95
20-3541-1 New York Central 4-8-4 Niagara Passenger Set $1,349.95 /$1,249.95

Instead of photos we have video of the NYC Niagara in action on the Stockyard Express Central Railroad!