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The long awaited Stockyard Exclusive MTH Premier Line Nickel Plate Road 70′ Madison RPO Cars are in the building! Limited to 100 cars and two road numbers evenly split between RPO #830 and #831 these cars will not be around for long. They make a perfect compliment to any Nickel Plate Road passenger train hauled by an Alco PA, GP-9, or Berkshire. If you have not yet pre-ordered one or both there is still time but please do so before it is too late! Call us at 440-774-2131, email us at, or visit us at the store.

Please note that the NKP GP-9 featured in the video is no longer available to purchase.

NKP 830

20-42018 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #830 $89.95


NKP 831

20-42017 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #831 $89.95

20-42018 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #830 $89.95

20-42017 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #831 $89.95 *

*#831 is preserved by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society operators of NKP 765

As always check out our Stockyard Exclusives page for more information on past and future products!

New York Central Mania

All aboard for Train #26 the 20th Century Limited! Back in December the MTH Premier Dreyfuss Hudsons arrived both individually and in specialty sets. We are excited to say that the rest of the train has finally arrived. All Premier Line streamlined coaches for both the 1938 and 1940 versions of the Century are now in stock.

In 1945 the New York Central was in dire need of more powerful locomotives. Expanding upon their 4-8-2 Mohawks the locomotive designers at ALCO and the Central came up with the 4-8-4 Niagaras. Designated as duel service locomotives the 27 Niagaras output 6000 cylinder horsepower which was more than capable of speeding along fast hot shot freight and passenger trains.

The MTH Premier Line NYC 4-8-4 Niagara Express Reefer Set is now in stock at Stockyard Express. We also have 6-car Pacemaker Freight Service 40′ AAR Boxcar Sets, NYC 40′ Steel Sided Reefers, MDT reefers, and a variety of NYC cabooses all from MTH’s Premier Line of products.

The NYC 4-8-4 Niagara Streamlined Passenger Set is scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks.

If you would like to see before you buy look no further than these two new videos brought to you by Stockyard Express LLC or stop in the store to see the Water Level Route in person on our layout!

New York Central Niagara

1938 20th Century Limited

Premier Y3s, RailKing Berks, and Class Js

Premier Y3 2-8-8-2 Mallet prices have been reduced! Available in Norfolk & Western, Santa Fe, Rio Grande, and Baltimore & Ohio these engines offer all the power and strength of an Articulated Mallet but are much smaller than a Big Boy or Challenger! All are equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0, DCS, and if you are lucky enough to have or find an MTH N&W Auxiliary Water Tender they have a wire to connect with one! Also we have found that while they are labeled for an O-72 curve they can traverse an O-60 curve. However, they will not go through an O-60 switch.

Premier Line Y3 2-8-8-2 Mallets $1499.95/$1399.95

Call us, email us or visit us before they are gone!

Baltimore & Ohio Y3

Baltimore & Ohio Y3

Norfolk & Western and Santa Fe Y3s

Norfolk & Western and Santa Fe Y3s

Rio Grande Y3

Rio Grande Y3

Next up we have two videos to show you of engines from the RailKing Imperial Line. The first is of Nickel Plate Road 765 and the second is of Norfolk & Western J #611. Both engines are shown hauling the Norfolk Southern Executive Passenger Cars which are also from the RailKing Line. As of this time we are running low on all of these items as they are quite popular for several reasons.

Nickel Plate Road 765 is currently the largest operating steam locomotive east of the Mississippi River and is currently the largest engine participating in Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam Program. The 765 was no stranger to Northeast Ohio during its employment on the Nickel Plate Road and hauled both freight and passenger trains during its time.

Norfolk & Western 611 will soon supersede NKP 765 as the largest operating steam locomotive east of the Mississippi River. The Queen of Steam is presently being restored to operating condition at the North Carolina Railroad Museum’s Spencer Roundhouse. It will likely be part of the 21st Century Steam Program this summer!

The Norfolk Southern Executive Train or more commonly referred to as the Office Car Special is used by NS to both promote and inspect the railroad. It is usually hauled by the Executive F-Units, which you can order in the 2015 Volume 1 Catalog, but the cars are now a common sight with many other preserved passenger cars on 21st Century Steam Excursions.

RailKing Nickel Plate Road 765 $409.95

RailKing Norfolk & Western J 611 $419.95


Remember than with any MTH engine that you buy from us you receive 12 months free parts and labor from our Service Center!


Ever since its debut in the Premier Line the GE Evolution Hybrid diesel-electric locomotive has been a popular item. First appearing in the RailKing line up in the 2013 catalog Stockyard Express is happy to report that this version is just as good as popular as the Premier version. So much so that after the initial release MTH had to remake it! MTH later announced an uncataloged caboose to match the engine which is now available.

30-20268-1 GE Evolution Hybrid ES44ACe Imperial Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 $349.95

30-77262 GE Evolution Caboose $59.95

Both the engine and caboose are now available to purchase as a set at Stockyard Express for $379.95!

Get yours today before they are gone!

RailKing GE Evolution Hybrid

RailKing GE Evolution Hybrid


The latest Stockyard Express Exclusive Product has arrived! The Union Pacific “Route of the Centennial” PS-2 CD hoppers have been shipped and received from Weaver Models. As we have said before these hoppers were originally produced in the late 90s with Weaver in 12 car sets. We are now happy to bring you two new 6 cars sets or you may purchase them individually.  Call us, email us or visit us today before they are all gone!

Yellow or Black Union Pacific “Route of the Centennial” PS-2 CD Hopper 6-Car Set $300

Single Yellow or Black Union Pacific “Route of the Centennial” PS-2 CD Hopper $51.95

See them in action in the video above behind the Big Boy or take a closer look below in the photos!

UP "Route of the Centennial" Hopper $51.95

UP “Route of the Centennial” Hopper $51.95

Black "Route of the Centennial" PS-2 CD Hopper $51.95

Black “Route of the Centennial” PS-2 CD Hopper $51.95

Also new are PS-2 CD Hoppers for The Andersons which is a well-known and diversified grain shipping company based in Maumee, Ohio!

The Andersons PS-2 CD Hopper by Weaver $47.95

The Andersons PS-2 CD Hopper by Weaver $47.95

To learn more about our exclusive products check out the Stockyard Exclusives page!

New Locomotives February 7, 2015

The Locomotive Wall is full again! We have received quite a large number of new engines in both the Premier Line and RailKing from MTH Electric Trains. All can be found on our MTH Online Inventory along with the large number of new freight and passenger cars.

More detailed descriptions of each product can be found either on the MTH website or on upcoming posts here on this website or our Facebook page.

All locomotives are equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0

Sale prices are red

HOT ITEM – Denotes that the locomotive is a fast seller and won’t be around for long!

Premier Line Locomotives

SOLD OUT!!! 20-20400-1 Norfolk & Western (Blue) E8 Diesel ABA $799.95/$739.95 HOT ITEM – Matching passenger cars available

20-20397-1 Southern Pacific E8 Diesel ABA $799.95/$739.95 – Matching passenger cars available

20-20417-1 BNSF Dash-8 Diesel $499.95/$439.95

RailKing Locomotives

30-20197-1 Norfolk Southern SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95 HOT ITEM

30-20195-1 Great Northern SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20196-1 Chessie System SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20198-1 Southern Pacific SD-9 Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20217-1 Amtrak Genesis #156 Diesel $299.95/$275.95

30-20218-1 Amtrak Genesis #66 Diesel $299.95/$275.95

30-20219-1 Amtrak Genesis #145 Diesel $299.95/$275.95

30-20168-1 GE Evolution Hybrid Demo ES44ACe Imperial Diesel $349.95 HOT ITEM – Has LED charging lights, matching caboose available!

30-20203-1 Conrail Heritage ES44ACe Imperial Diesel $329.95/$295.95

30-20211-1 CSX ES44ACe Imperial Diesel $329.95/$295.95 – We have lots of RailKing CSX rolling stock that would match check out our inventory!


Warehouse Finds! Atlas & K-Line Reefers

Stockyard Express has ventured back into the warehouse and look we found! A collection of brand new woodsided reefer cars by Atlas and K-Line. All of these items were cataloged several years ago and many are no longer available. For those of you new to the hobby K-Line was absorbed by Lionel in 2006.

All of these cars are scale and would look great behind a Nickel Plate Road Berkshire or any steam era locomotive. Each has a unique and colorful paint scheme reflecting the very colorful era when railroads moved everything.

Item number, car name, and number listed with price. Call us during store hours or stop in and see them!

Atlas Woodsided Reefers

8105-2 Robin Hood Beer #5301 $54.95
8146-1 La Crosse Breweries #3060 $54.95
8141-2 Coors #5409 $54.95
8100 Atlas Beer #68078 $54.95
6748-1 Milwaukee #85210 $54.95
8145-1 Goetz #14313 $54.95
8102-2 Century Beer #4601 $54.95
8104-1 Nash Food Products #15660 $54.95
8147-1 Hillsboro #3531 $54.95

K-Line Woodsided Reefers

K742-8022 Columbia Soups $54.95
K742-6401 Miller #93000 $54.95
K742-6404 Miller High Life #93135 $54.95

Nickel Plate Road Caboose, RPO, and W&LE Berk

Stockyard Express is excited to remind you of our upcoming Stockyard Exclusive Products made by MTH Electric Trains.

First off we  have two MTH Premier Line NKP Heavyweight RPO cars which would look perfect behind a Berkshire, a silver ALCO PA, a white ALCO PA, or a GP-9.  The Nickel Plate Road never owned a streamlined RPO or baggage car and used the old heavyweights until the discontinuation of passenger service. You have two road numbers to choose from. Regularly these cars would cost $99.95 but we are selling them for $89.95!

The item numbers are:
20-42018 RPO #830
20-42017 RPO #831 (owned by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society)

Both will be in Pullman Green with gold lettering.

Second we have two Nickel Plate Road N6b cabooses also from the MTH Premier Line. Pictured above is MTH’s previous run on of this particular caboose from a few years ago. Ours will be have the same colors and lettering but with different numbers. One will be #1155 which is now being preserved in nearby Vermilion, Ohio and the other will be #1047 which is in Bellevue. Item numbers and arrival date  are to be announced later but they will each be $64.95.

Nickel Plate Road N6b Caboose #1155 – Vermilion, Ohio

Nickel Plate Road N6b Caboose #1047 – Bellevue, Ohio

Lastly we are in talks with MTH to create a Premier Line Wheeling & Lake Erie K-class Berkshire. We have selected #6413 as it had a MARS light before the merger with the NKP and 13 is our lucky number. If you are at all interested in owning one of these engines please contact us ASAP as we will only do it if we have enough orders and or interest!

We strongly suggest that you pre-order any or all of these products with us without delay! You may do so by calling us during store hours at 440-774-2131, emailing us with your name, phone number, and stating which products you are interested at, or by visiting us in person.

To learn more about our exclusive products check out the Stockyard Exclusive page!

It’s the post-Christmas Season at Stockyard Express and we hope everyone who received a new train set under the tree is having fun. This video features the 30-4231-1 Norfolk Southern SD70ACe Deluxe Freight Set with several add on cars from the RailKing product line. The set includes the engine, gondola, tank car and caboose. The searchlight car, covered hopper, boxcar, coal hopper and ore car are all add-on cars.

For those of you who might just be considering getting into O-Gauge railroading do not only have the Norfolk Southern set but we also have this set in CSX, BNSF, and Union Pacific, along with steam sets and an Amtrak set. Each comes with everything you need to get started in the wonderful world of model railroading.  Check out our selection online or visit our store today!

We have installed some signals on the Stockyard Express Central Railroad. In this video you will see a DZ-1040 Semaphore Lower Quadrant signal from Z-Stuff and a 30-11009 O Scale Cantilevered Signal Bridge from MTH which is being activated by the DZ-1070 Sensor. All are currently available along with many other signals at Stockyard Express.

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