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Christmas Hours Update & Videos

The days are getting shorter as we move closer to Christmas. This Sunday will be the last time we will be open on a Sunday from 11-3. On Christmas Eve we will close at 3:00 PM sharp and will be closed on Christmas Day. We will resume normal hours the day after Christmas.

If you have never visited us before check out this video of the Lionel Legacy Nickel Plate Road 765 which ran on our layout for a few weeks.




The MTH Premier Line 1938 20th Century Limited Set has arrived. It has made itself a home on our showroom layout. It is a great set featuring a streamlined J3a Hudson, an RPO car, two coaches, and one observation car. Some may be puzzled by the Commodore Vanderbilt herald on the rear of the train but do not worry it is prototypical! During their operational life, as the old was replaced with the new, the 20th Century Limited equipment was used interchangeably with the Commodore Vanderbilt .

We have only a few of these sets left to sell contact us today before they are all gone! Also note that we still have the RailKing version in stock.



Brand new today and in stock! The MTH RailKing Boxcar with Blinking LED Lights!

 $79.95 selling for $72.95!

Back from York

Stockyard Express is back from York. We had a lot of fun this time around but now its time to get back to work for the Christmas Season. Later this week we will have our MTH 2015 Volume 1 catalog pre-order prices out for you. Make sure you check out the catalog online at MTH’s website or stop in at the store on Tuesday for a copy.

New Weaver catalogs will also be available this week.

Remember that on Sunday October 26th we will be at the Medina Toy & Train Show at our usual spot with some good deals!

While we were setting up at York we set up our iPhones to take some time-lapse videos of the crew in the Orange Hall.

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