Stockyard Express features two operational O-Gauge layouts. The first layout in the first room is mainly for display and testing purposes. It is the original layout and utilizes MTH RealTrax and DCS. The outer loop is an O-72 curve, the inner curve O-54, and the passing siding is O-42.

Original Layout

The second layout in the New Showroom was started March 10, 2014. It is 16 by 6 feet and doubles as a display for RailKing Passenger Cars and Premier Freight Car Sets. This layout features Lionel FasTrack with the outer loop having a curve of O-60, the middle loop O-48 and the inner passing siding O-36. It is also controlled by DCS. Adam has been working on the buildings and scenery non-stop since construction. There is even a scavenger hunt of things you can find on the layout!

You can follow the progress of the Stockyard Express Railroad on Facebook by checking out The New Layout Album

Additional Room New Layout

Please note that most trains on these layouts are from our private collection and are not for sale