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Medina Toy & Train Show April 12th

Sunday April 12th is the Medina Toy & Train Show. As always we will be in our usual spot to the left of the main entrance against the wall. We will have engines, rolling stock, and some buildings on sale!

Medina Fairgrounds, Medina, Ohio 44256

10 am to 4 pm April 12th

Adm. $6.00

At the end of the month Stockyard Express LLC will be closed for the week April 19-25 of as we will be setting up shop at the TCA Eastern Division Spring York Train Meet. Show days are April 23, 24, and 25. Our shop will be set up in our usual spot right across from MTH Electric Trains. While there we will pick up the new MTH Electric Trains 2015 Volume 2 O-Gauge Catalog which you will be able to pick up when we reopen on April 28th. Remember that in order to attend York you have to be a member of the Train Collectors Association!

To learn more about York visit their website

New to model railroading? Trying to find out how to get started? Stockyard Express has the answer in the form of the MTH RailKing SD70ACe Diesel Freight Ready-to-Run Set! These reasonably priced sets have everything you need to start your own railroad empire. First we have the powerful dual-motored RailKing SD70ACe diesel locomotive equipped with the Digital Command System, Proto-Sound 3.0, Proto-Smoke, Proto-Couplers, LED lights and more. Then you get a gondola car with removable loads, a brightly painted modern tank car to match your engine, and of course a caboose! Also included is a a 51 x 31 inch oval of MTH RealTrax which is great for either floor layouts or tabletop layouts. What really makes this set though is the inclusion of the DCS Remote Commander and a powerful Z-500 transformer allowing you to control your model train just like the real thing in scale mile per hour increments!

With an MSRP of $429.95 we sell our sets for $379.95! Considering that the engine is listed separately for $329.95 this is an excellent deal! Should anything happen to your set note that whenever you purchase any MTH train set or locomotive from us you receive 12 months of free parts and labor at our in-house Authorized Service Center.

Visit us today to see one of these sets in action on our layout and our staff will be more than happy to help you learn more about the magical world of O-Gauge model railroading. Currently available in 4 different railroad names you will be sure to find one that you like.

SD70ACe Diesel Freight Set $429.95/$379.95
30-4224-1 CSX
30-4231-1 Norfolk Southern
30-4232-1 BNSF
30-4225-1 Union Pacific

Trivia: What does CSX stand for? The “C” stands for the Chessie System, the “S” for the Seaboard System and the “X” has no meaning whatsoever. CSX Transportation was formed in 1986 by the merger of these two railroads which were themselves a combination of about 10 other railroads. In 1997 CSX acquired 42% of Conrail.

400+ Facebook Fans

Stockyard Express LLC  passed the 400 Likes mark on Facebook last night. A big thank you and welcome to all of our new friends! By following us on Facebook you get to see daily updates on everything that happens in the store and more. Whether you are new to the hobby or getting back into it, rest assured that Stockyard Express LLC is equipped with all of the resources you need to experience the magic of O-Gauge Model Railroading.

Remember that even if you are not on Facebook you can still view the Stockyard Express LLC page with the new Facebook widget located on the sidebar of our website.

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The long awaited Stockyard Exclusive MTH Premier Line Nickel Plate Road 70′ Madison RPO Cars are in the building! Limited to 100 cars and two road numbers evenly split between RPO #830 and #831 these cars will not be around for long. They make a perfect compliment to any Nickel Plate Road passenger train hauled by an Alco PA, GP-9, or Berkshire. If you have not yet pre-ordered one or both there is still time but please do so before it is too late! Call us at 440-774-2131, email us at, or visit us at the store.

Please note that the NKP GP-9 featured in the video is no longer available to purchase.

NKP 830

20-42018 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #830 $89.95


NKP 831

20-42017 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #831 $89.95

20-42018 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #830 $89.95

20-42017 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #831 $89.95 *

*#831 is preserved by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society operators of NKP 765

As always check out our Stockyard Exclusives page for more information on past and future products!

New York Central Mania

All aboard for Train #26 the 20th Century Limited! Back in December the MTH Premier Dreyfuss Hudsons arrived both individually and in specialty sets. We are excited to say that the rest of the train has finally arrived. All Premier Line streamlined coaches for both the 1938 and 1940 versions of the Century are now in stock.

In 1945 the New York Central was in dire need of more powerful locomotives. Expanding upon their 4-8-2 Mohawks the locomotive designers at ALCO and the Central came up with the 4-8-4 Niagaras. Designated as duel service locomotives the 27 Niagaras output 6000 cylinder horsepower which was more than capable of speeding along fast hot shot freight and passenger trains.

The MTH Premier Line NYC 4-8-4 Niagara Express Reefer Set is now in stock at Stockyard Express. We also have 6-car Pacemaker Freight Service 40′ AAR Boxcar Sets, NYC 40′ Steel Sided Reefers, MDT reefers, and a variety of NYC cabooses all from MTH’s Premier Line of products.

The NYC 4-8-4 Niagara Streamlined Passenger Set is scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks.

If you would like to see before you buy look no further than these two new videos brought to you by Stockyard Express LLC or stop in the store to see the Water Level Route in person on our layout!

New York Central Niagara

1938 20th Century Limited

Dalton Train Show

This Sunday March 22nd Stockyard Express LLC will be setting up shop at the Greater Wayne County Toy & Train Show otherwise known as the Dalton Train Show. If you would like us to deliver any layaway items or other products from our store to you at the show please contact us by Friday at the latest. See you there!

Dalton Train Show

Sunday March 22nd 10 AM – 4 PM

Buckeye Event Center

624 Henry St, Dalton, OH 44618


Website Updates

You may have encountered some difficulty in reading our MTH Electric Trains product page today as we are in the process of making it more user friendly and easier to read. If you were trying to find stuff today we are very sorry if we made you terribly confused!

Now you may read our inventory and click the item number to read more about the product on the main MTH website on a new page. Also please note that our inventory is updated on a weekly basis.



Happy Birthday Stockyard Express Central Railroad!

B-Day Layout

Stockyard Express Central Railroad

Today March 10th, 2015 marks one year since construction began on the New Layout also known as the Stockyard Express Central Railroad. During its relatively short 12 months of existence it has provided inspiration for countless model railroaders both new and old. The layout is a great teaching tool for building benchwork, wiring DCS, locomotive operation and maintenance, scenery creation, superdetailing, product promotion and more. Here’s to many more years of model railroading magic!

Looking for a classic looking steam locomotive to add to your locomotive fleet? This New York Central P47 Pacific just might be the locomotive for you! Before and after the legendary Hudsons arrived on the Central hundreds of 4-6-2 Pacifics powered the hot-shot and local passenger trains all across the system.

30-1603-1 New York Central #4928 4-6-2 Imperial P47 Pacific Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 $429.95/$389.95

30-69173 New York Central 4-Car 60′ Madison Passenger Set $249.95/$229.95

Additional add-on cars not featured in video –

30-69175 New York Central 60′ Madison Coach Car $64.95/$59.95

30-69174 New York Central 2-Car 60′ Madison Combo/Diner Set $129.95/$119.95

The internet was abuzz of activity with the viral dress that was either yellow and white or blue and black depending on what kind of lighting you were viewing it with. This sparked up a memory of the MTH O-Gauge 2013 Volume 1 catalog in which the Premier Nickel Plate Road ALCO PA, nicknamed “Bluebirds,” was offered. It was difficult to tell if the locomotives were blue and white or blue and silver depending on how you looked at it. Years ago MTH had produced the same engine in the Premier Line equipped with Proto-Sound 1.0 and colored blue and white.  Most of our NKP customer base was split between wanting white or silver engines and many were unfamiliar with the real locomotive’s history.

You see when the Nickel Plate Road received its first PA it was painted blue and nickel silver to match the new streamlined coaches built by Pullman Standard. Unfortunately the nickel silver paint on the engines could not hold up to wear, tare, and rust. Different kinds of metallic silver paint were tried but there was to be no improvement. In less then two years all of the PA’s were repainted blue and white which held up until the end of their service lives.

After several weeks of research, discussion and talks with MTH, Stockyard Express was able to confirm that the cataloged engines were to be blue and silver. While many loyal NKP fans were okay with this decision a small number still wanted white engines. We ended up striking a deal with MTH and 16 new blue and white ALCO PA’s were produced just for us at the same time as the blue and silver engines. All sold out within days of their delivery.

It should also be noted that our Exclusive “City of” sleepers were created and designed at the same time as the locomotives. Currently we are anticipating the arrival of the last part of an authentic Nickel Plate Road passenger train and that would be a Heavyweight Madison-style Railway Post Office car or RPO for short.

Nickel Plate Bluebirds

Nickel Plate Bluebirds

As always check out our Stockyard Exclusives page for more information on past and future products!

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