Stockyard Express Custom Runs

20-94452 – Stockyard Express Custom Run MTH Premier Christmas Carling Beer 36′ Wood Reefer – 1 Road Number – 1225 –
$69.95 Each

20-97946 & 20-97947 – Stockyard Express Custom Run Morton Salt
3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper – Morton Salt Girl w/Red Dress! – $64.95 Each

NKP Bay Window Caboose – Only at Stockyard Express! – 20-91678. The NickelĀ  Plate Road decorated only one caboose as shown using this paint scheme, it was numbered 401! – $74.95 each.

Estimated Arrival Fall 2020 – Only Available From Stockyard Express! Custom Run MTH RailKing Operating Water Tower – U.S. Army

A great addition to your layout if you run an Army train! The U.S. Army trained recruits at Camp Claiborne to operate trains for all theaters of operation during WWII!
Limited quantities – preorder yours today ! – $149.95


NKP Flat w/Sears PUP trailers – Sold out but taking orders for another batch
with 2 new numbers.

NKP Flat w/Western Auto PUP trailers – Also sold out but taking orders for another batch w/ 2 new numbers.