Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you have an online shopping cart store?

As of this time we prefer and enjoy talking with the customer either on the phone or in the store face to face. We believe you get a better experience this way and can make sure that the product is ready to go for you without any technical issues. Future plans call for a limited online store.

Do you ship?

Yes indeed! We ship UPS and have sent products as far away as Japan and Australia!

We try to get your order on its way same day if possible. We know how anxious our customers are to get their product.

Please note: Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Are all of your items listed on the website?

Yes, we try to keep our stock lists as up to date as possible. It never hurts to call though for that rare boxcar that may be hiding in the corner of the back room.

Do you sell Lionel Legacy locomotives?

Only if you ask us to order it! You should note though that Lionel has implemented a new Build-to-Order policy so let us know ASAP! We do not stock Lionel locomotives because we do not have the capabilities to repair them like MTH engines as of this time. The difference is similar to Apple verses Microsoft.

How should I go about ordering trains?

Read the catalog, visit our site, call us, visit us.

Why can I no longer buy a train in the most recent catalog if it was just released?

Chances are that it is already sold out. Most manufactures only build as many products as are ordered. In order to prevent this from happening you should put a product, particularly a locomotive, on order even if you have the slightest interest in purchasing it you will at least know you will be able to get one.

MTH’s website says the item has shipped why isn’t it shown as in stock?

Chances are that the item is actually on a ship or MTH forgot to update the status. The shipping schedule is a rough estimate and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Do you have layaway?

We certainly do! 90 days, no money down.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes indeed! In whatever denomination you desire.

What is your warranty policy on locomotives?

12 months free parts and labor on any MTH locomotive you buy from us.

Why does the air smell funny outside?

Even though we sell trains we are still located on a farm and there a few cows left. Don’t worry it isn’t smelly inside!

Is there a restroom?

No we do not have a public restroom but there is a Wal-Mart right down the street on the corner of Rt 20 and 58 that has one.

Do you guys go to train shows to sell?

Presently we only set up shop at the TCA Eastern Division Spring and Fall York Train Meets, the Medina Model Train & Toy Show and the Dalton Show.

Do you charge for catalogs?

Only the most recent ones are free. During Open House or other special events we sell older catalogs for a small charge.

What is the difference between Hi-Rail and Scale wheels on MTH Premier Line locomotives?

Hi-Rail refers to accurately scaled and detailed 3-Rail O-Gauge models while Scale wheels refers to accurately scaled and detailed 2-Rail O-Scale. We cater to Hi-Rail operators!

Can you run MTH DCS, Lionel Legacy and Lionel TMCC equipped locomotives on the same layout at the same time?

Yes you can and you will not destroy the universe when doing so! The MTH DCS signal travels through the rails while the Lionel Legacy or TMCC signal travels through the air which means they do not interfere with each other. While the MTH Digital Command System is indeed capable of controlling Lionel locomotives, as long as you have a Lionel base plugged into the TIU, you will lose out on many Legacy and/or TMCC features. It is easier to simply have both systems on your layout and control the MTH engines with the MTH system and the Lionel engines with the Lionel system.

 What is the status of DCS + WiFi?

While is seems that it may never happen it will! MTH had to switch developers as the original one was dragging their feet and not delivering. This July the date of delivery for both the app and the WiFi module’s release in October will be announced. There will be both a free version of the app which just controls locomotives and a paid version for full DCS functionality and more.

Are toy trains still relevant?

YES THEY ARE! Today far too many people are glued to screens for entertainment. If you think about it a modern families spending on video games and hardware equates to that of a modest sized O-gauge layout. A video game may challenge the mind and thumbs but a train set combines history, engineering, physics, electronics, painting, sculpting, economics, carpentry, critical thinking skills, communication skills, computer programming, photography, videography, and so much more! Do you want to be glued to a screen for a few minutes or do you want something that will last a lifetime?