MTH Authorized Service Center

Hours 11AM-4PM Tuesday-Saturday

As of this time we cannot guarantee same day repairs due to the high volume of repairs we receive on a daily basis!

Welcome to our MTH Authorized Service Center run by our technician Brian. Hours are 11AM to 4PM Tuesday through Saturday. Please make sure to stop and check in at the front desk and fill out the paperwork before you make your way to the repair bench. A detailed explanation of the problem is encouraged in order to speed up the process of repairing the item. If you can please call us beforehand to let us know that you are coming. It can get very busy with as many as 10 or more repairs taking place at the same time! Time-permitting, simple issues such as burnt out smoke wicks, or BCR installation can be fixed before you leave. More intensive repairs such as electrical boards or speakers require more time.

If mailing in an item for repair we ask that you ship it securely and safely e.g. inside of a cardboard box. It is imperative that you include your home address, phone number and a note explaining what issues the item is having.

Proto-Sound Upgrades

Proto-Sound 1.0 to Protosound 2.0 upgrades are available for both steam and diesel locomotives made by MTH Electric Trains. These repairs always require that you leave the locomotive with us for several days to complete the upgrade.  Prices are as follows –

Diesel or Electric Locomotive – $300 or $325 with BCR

Steam Locomotive – $300 or $350 if relay for lights is installed along with a BCR

Any Proto-Sound 1.0 or 2.0 locomotive’s rechargeable battery can be replaced with a new BCR (Battery Capacitor Replacement) which will never have to be replaced ever again this costs $25

Please note that Proto-Sound 3.0 upgrade kits are not yet available at this time. PS2 kits are likely to be displaced by PS3 upgrade kits later this year.

Lionel & Other Manufactures

We are sorry to say that we cannot service Lionel Legacy engines or any engines equipped with the earlier TMCC system (Train Master Command Control). We can however look at and work on Pre and Post-War era Lionel items. Call us with what you have and we can see what we can do!