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Select MTH Xmas Cars Added To Warehouse Finds

Check out these MTH Christmas Car specials !


Some New Items Added To Atlas O Page

Check out the new items on the Atlas O page

New Menu Item! MTH U.S. Army

Check out all the MTH Premier & Railking U.S. Army items! Click on MTH U.S. Army in the menu area.


MTH Donald Trump RailKing Diesel/Caboose Combo Set

30-20799-1 –  Donald Trump RailKing Imperial ES44AC w/Caboose
Arrives August 2020 – Limited Preorder – $399.95

Special Pricing On Select MTH Premier Locos (SD40-2,GP38-2, Alco S-2s)

MTH Premier SD40-2s

20-21172-1   Chessie SD40-2    Sale Price  $459.95

20-20989-1   CSX SD40-2 (Black)     Sale Price   $459.95

20-20990-1   Union Pacific SD40-2    Sale Price    $459.95

20-20996-1   CSX SD40-2    Sale Price    $459.95

20-21166-1   Chesapeake & Indiana SD40-2     Sale Price    $459.95

20-21170-1   Illinois Central SD40-2    Sale Price    $459.95

20-21175-1   Santa Fe SD40-2    Sale Price    $459.95


MTH Premier GP38-2s

20-21223-1   Toledo Peoria & Western GP38-2    Sale Price    $439.95

20-21082-1   Ontario Northland GP38-2    Sale Price    $439.95

20-21232-1   Central Texas & Colorado River Railroad    Sale Price    $439.95

20-21229-1   Delaware & Hudson GP38-2    Sale Price    $439.95

20-21227-1   Elgin, Joliet & Eastern GP38-2    Sale Price    $439.95

20-21221-1   Norfolk Southern GP38-2    Sale Price    $439.95

20-20906-1   CSX GP38-2    Sale Price    $439.95


MTH Premier Alco S-2s

20-20897-1   Chessie Alco S-2    Sale Price    $419.95

20-20893   Great Northern Alco S-2    Sale Price    $419.95

20-21183-1   Studebaker Corporation Alco S-2    Sale Price    $419.95

20-21178-1 Amtrak Alco S-2    Sale Price    $419.95

20-21087-1   Clinchfield Alco S-2    Sale Price    $419.95

20-21184-1   Buffalo Creek Alco S-2    Sale Price    $419.95  

20-20891-1   Archer Daniels Midland    Sale Price    $419.95

20-21180-1 Richmond Fredericksburg & PotomacAlco S-2 Alco S-2

Sale Priced    $419.95



MTH News Video – Latest Update Info From Andy Edleman & Rich Foster

Santa Fe Alco PA #53 And Passenger Car Sets Just Arrived !!!

20-21154-1   MTH Premier Santa Fe Alco PA 

A unit cab #53   $469.95

20-64408  MTH Premier Streamlined

Santa Fe 4-Car Passenger  Set  $395.95

3 – Streamlined Coach cars  #3135,3138,3140
1 – Streamlined Baggage  #3514


Stockyard Express Tour/DCS O Gauge Layout Update(Courtesy JD Stucks)

FINALLY! MTH Wheeling & Lake Erie K-Class Berkshire!

MTH Premier Line

Wheeling & Lake Erie K-Class Berkshire

Finally being made!

Taking orders – to be delivered in September!


New Stockyard Express Exclusive merchandise videos!

MTH General Steam Engine C.C.&C R.R review (courtesy JD Stucks)

MTH Nickel Plate Road F7 AA Set and NKP Diner Car review (courtesy JD Stucks)


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