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MTH, Lionel, Weaver, Atlas & Special Pages Updated

After many compatibility issues between the MTH Electric Trains Dealer Inventory Listing and our web hosting service we have finally found a way to make them work together. You may now view our entire MTH inventory on our website in the old familiar format that many of you are used to. We thank you for your time and patience with us. You may view the page at this link –

MTH Electric Trains

If you are in the market for something other than MTH Electric Trains take a look at our freshly updated listings of products by Lionel, Weaver Models, Atlas O and some great deals on Special items.

Lionel Electric Trains

Weaver Models

Atlas O


Ever since its debut in the Premier Line the GE Evolution Hybrid diesel-electric locomotive has been a popular item. First appearing in the RailKing line up in the 2013 catalog Stockyard Express is happy to report that this version is just as good as popular as the Premier version. So much so that after the initial release MTH had to remake it! MTH later announced an uncataloged caboose to match the engine which is now available.

30-20268-1 GE Evolution Hybrid ES44ACe Imperial Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 $349.95

30-77262 GE Evolution Caboose $59.95

Both the engine and caboose are now available to purchase as a set at Stockyard Express for $379.95!

Get yours today before they are gone!

RailKing GE Evolution Hybrid

RailKing GE Evolution Hybrid


Warehouse Finds! Atlas & K-Line Reefers

Stockyard Express has ventured back into the warehouse and look we found! A collection of brand new woodsided reefer cars by Atlas and K-Line. All of these items were cataloged several years ago and many are no longer available. For those of you new to the hobby K-Line was absorbed by Lionel in 2006.

All of these cars are scale and would look great behind a Nickel Plate Road Berkshire or any steam era locomotive. Each has a unique and colorful paint scheme reflecting the very colorful era when railroads moved everything.

Item number, car name, and number listed with price. Call us during store hours or stop in and see them!

Atlas Woodsided Reefers

8105-2 Robin Hood Beer #5301 $54.95
8146-1 La Crosse Breweries #3060 $54.95
8141-2 Coors #5409 $54.95
8100 Atlas Beer #68078 $54.95
6748-1 Milwaukee #85210 $54.95
8145-1 Goetz #14313 $54.95
8102-2 Century Beer #4601 $54.95
8104-1 Nash Food Products #15660 $54.95
8147-1 Hillsboro #3531 $54.95

K-Line Woodsided Reefers

K742-8022 Columbia Soups $54.95
K742-6401 Miller #93000 $54.95
K742-6404 Miller High Life #93135 $54.95

Nickel Plate Road Caboose, RPO, and W&LE Berk

Stockyard Express is excited to remind you of our upcoming Stockyard Exclusive Products made by MTH Electric Trains.

First off we  have two MTH Premier Line NKP Heavyweight RPO cars which would look perfect behind a Berkshire, a silver ALCO PA, a white ALCO PA, or a GP-9.  The Nickel Plate Road never owned a streamlined RPO or baggage car and used the old heavyweights until the discontinuation of passenger service. You have two road numbers to choose from. Regularly these cars would cost $99.95 but we are selling them for $89.95!

The item numbers are:
20-42018 RPO #830
20-42017 RPO #831 (owned by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society)

Both will be in Pullman Green with gold lettering.

Second we have two Nickel Plate Road N6b cabooses also from the MTH Premier Line. Pictured above is MTH’s previous run on of this particular caboose from a few years ago. Ours will be have the same colors and lettering but with different numbers. One will be #1155 which is now being preserved in nearby Vermilion, Ohio and the other will be #1047 which is in Bellevue. Item numbers and arrival date  are to be announced later but they will each be $64.95.

Nickel Plate Road N6b Caboose #1155 – Vermilion, Ohio

Nickel Plate Road N6b Caboose #1047 – Bellevue, Ohio

Lastly we are in talks with MTH to create a Premier Line Wheeling & Lake Erie K-class Berkshire. We have selected #6413 as it had a MARS light before the merger with the NKP and 13 is our lucky number. If you are at all interested in owning one of these engines please contact us ASAP as we will only do it if we have enough orders and or interest!

We strongly suggest that you pre-order any or all of these products with us without delay! You may do so by calling us during store hours at 440-774-2131, emailing us with your name, phone number, and stating which products you are interested at, or by visiting us in person.

To learn more about our exclusive products check out the Stockyard Exclusive page!

New RK Berks, E8s and Dash-8s Reviewed

Lots of new trains to bring in the new year! We are happy to introduce the latest arrivals from MTH Electric Trains in both the RailKing and Premier Line. Remember to click the images for closer look!

RK 765

30-1629-1 Nickel Plate Road 765

First we shall start off with the fan favorite 2-8-4 Berkshire Nickel Plate Road 765.  A RailKing Imperial model this engine is a great sounding and performing locomotive. Equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0 and featuring sounds that just may have been recorded from the real 765.  The PFA or Passenger/Freight Announcement sequence has the engine pulling the named train the Westerner into famous cities along the Nickel Plate main line such as Erie, Cleveland, and Fort Wayne. Also it has a new chuff sound which is very close to the real 765’s characteristic “shot-gun” exhaust and has the classic Nickel Plate whistle.

PL&E Berk

30-1632-1 P&LE Berkshire Notice the longer wireless drawbar between the engine and tender. A shorter drawbar is included if you wish to change it out for operation on larger curves.

The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie (NYC) Berkshire features all of the same features as the 765 but instead of hauling a passenger train during the PFA it is hauling a freight train. The P&LE A2 Berkshires have a very interesting history as they were the last steam locomotives produced by ALCO for domestic use as only 7 were built and they all had very short careers.  ALCO itself was on the verge of eliminating their steam facilities and they had to contract with the Lima Locomotive Works to build the tenders. They were the NYC’s motive power departments’s last ditch effort to extend the use of the steam locomotive but diesels were already on their victory march. Nevertheless this is a unique and interesting locomotive class. Just imagine how mind boggling it must of been to build something so big and powerful and to see it scrapped a few short years later.

Please note that all of the RailKing Berkshires are equipped with a longer wireless drawbar for O-31 curve operation. The gap between the engine and tender is considerably large. However a shorter drawbar is included with all of the engines if you desire to switch it out for a more realistic looking engine-tender gap and or for operation on larger curves.

Next up we have the Premier EMD E8 diesel locomotives for the New York Central and the Pennsylvania. The E8 was designed to head fast, long distance passenger trains and they were highly successful at doing just that. These two particular iterations of the E8 from MTH are rather unique. Each has the double start up sound to reflect the twin motors to the prototype. Both feature Passenger Station Announcements.

20-20399-1 NYC E8 ABA

20-20399-1 NYC E8 ABA

The New York Central E8 is painted in the experimental “Century Green” paint scheme which was only ever worn by seven NYC E8s. The PFA is passenger and features the named train the Chicagoan. Amazingly one of those seven ended up in preservation and has been restored to the green paint. Read all about it here


The lead Pennsylvania E8 is number 5711 which is owned and operated by the Juniata Terminal Company. The PRR E8 model also features operating ditch lights.

20-20398-1 PRR E8 ABA

20-20398-1 PRR E8 ABA

Last but not least are the Premier Dash-8s for Norfolk Southern, Conrail and CSX. The Dash-8 was the big power of the day in the 1980s and is still a very common sight on the nation’s rails today. In fact NS 8414 has been spotted by Stockyard Express employees. Each model features a great sound set with different sounding horns on each model. The PFA sequence is also very engaging. 

20-20418-1 NS Dash-8

20-20418-1 NS Dash-8

20-20420-1 Conrail Dash-8

20-20420-1 Conrail Dash-8

20-20419-1 CSX Dash-8

20-20419-1 CSX Dash-8

Remember to call us today at 440-774-2131 to order or stop in and see them in person during store hours! Also do not forget about our Facebook page and our presence on the OGR Forum.

Warehouse Finds! RailKing Freight Cars UPDATED

Take a look at these new finds from the Stockyard Express warehouse just in time for the holidays. Call us at 440-774-2131 during store hours to order or email us at

30-73129 Denver & Rio Grande 33K Tank Car $39.95
30-73207 Baltimore & Ohio Modern Tank Car $44.95
30-73237 Norfolk & Western 3 Dome Tank Car $40.95
30-73249 Union 76 3 Dome Tank Car $42.95
30-73257 Milwaukee Road 3 Dome Tank Car $44.95
30-73294 Shamrock Oil & Gas 3 Dome Tank Car $44.95
30-73328 Baltimore & Ohio 3 Dome Tank Car $49.95
30-73329 BNSF 3 Dome Tank Car $49.95
30-7463 Conrail Double Door 50′ Plugged Boxcar $34.95
30-7463 New York Central 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $34.95
30-7464 Santa Fe Double 50′ Door Plugged Boxcar $39.95
30-7481 Pennsylvania  50′ Modern Box Car $34.95
30-74108 Great Northern (Blue) 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $39.95
30-74111 Burlington Northern 50′ Modern Box Car $34.95
30-74203 Milwaukee Road 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74393 Railbox 50′ Modern Box Car $44.95
30-74429 Norfolk Southern 40′ High Cube Boxcar $44.95 SOLD
30-74430 Chessie 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74432 Lehigh Valley 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74433 Pennsylvania 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74479 Southern 40′ High Cube Boxcar $44.95 SOLD
30-74505 Western Pacific 40′ High Cube Box $49.95
30-74523 TTX 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74525 Northern Pacific 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74526 Soo Line 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74547 Union Pacific 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74548 CSX 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $44.95
30-74549 BNSF 50′ Double Door Plugged Boxcar $39.95
30-74554 Chesapeake & Ohio 40′ High Cube Box Car $43.95
30-74561 Pan AM (Boston & Maine) 50′ Modern Boxcar $49.95
30-74653 Southern Boxcar $44.95
30-7517 New York Central Hopper Car $36.95
30-75111 Virginian 4-Bay Hopper w/ coal load $32.95
30-75164 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car $34.95 SOLD
30-75167 Union Pacific 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car $34.95 SOLD
30-75170 Milwaukee Road 4-Bay Hopper w/ coal load $32.95
30-75178 Norfolk Southern 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car $39.95 SOLD
30-75186 Great Northern 4-Bay Hopper w/ coal load $34.95
30-75200 Norfolk & Western Ore Car $34.95
30-75228 Norfolk & Western 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car $39.95
30-75259 Pennsylvania 4-Bay Hopper Car $39.95
30-75267 Milwaukee Road 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car $39.95
30-75273 Southern Pacific 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car $40.00
30-75275 New York Ontario & Western 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car $39.95 SOLD
30-75277 Southern Pacific 4-Bay Hopper Car $39.95
30-75279 New Haven 4-Bay Hopper Car $39.95
30-76316 Conrail Flat Car – w/Bulkheads & Pipe Load $40.95
30-76317 Great Northern Flat Car – w/Bulkheads & Pipe Load $40.95
30-76316 Pennsylvania Flat Car – w/Bulkheads & Pipe Load $40.95
30-75322 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 4-Bay Hopper Car $42.95
30-75336 Lackawanna 4-Bay Hopper Car $39.95
30-75342 Reading 4-Bay Hopper Car $39.95
30-75355 Lehigh Valley 4-Bay Hopper Car $40.95
30-75356 Monon 4-Bay Hopper Car $38.95 SOLD
30-75357 Northern Pacific 4-Bay Hopper Car $42.95
30-76361 Lehigh Valley Flat Car – w/Bulkheads & Pipe Load $40.95
30-76363 Chessie Flat Car – w/Bulkheads & Pipe Load $40.95
30-75377 Union Pacific 4-Bay Hopper Car $40.95

Stockyard Exclusive Nickel Plate Road #193 Water Tower

Announcing the latest limited run item from Stockyard Express! The #193 Industrial Water Tower painted for the Nickel Plate Road. Priced at $59.95 these towers are a perfect Christmas gift for any Nickel Plate Road fan. Call us today to order before they are gone forever!

New Arrivals from MTH

MTH Premier Indiana Railroad SD40-2

MTH Premier Indiana Railroad SD40-2

Listing of the latest locomotives to arrive from MTH Electric Trains. The following were cataloged in the 2014 Volumes 1 and 2 catalogs. Call today at 440-774-2131 to order.

20-20423-1 SD50 Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels) – Norfolk Southern $499.95 $459.95 *

20-20424-1 SD50 Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels) – Chessie (B&O) $499.95  $459.95

20-20422-1 SD50 Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels) – Chicago North Western $499.95 $459.95

20-20425-1 SD50 Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels) – Denver Rio Grande $499.95 $459.95

20-20411-1 SD40-2 Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 – Kansas City Southern $479.95 $439.95

20-20410-1 SD40-2 Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 – CSX $479.95 $439.95

20-20412-1 SD40-2 Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 – Milwaukee Road (Bicentennial, Cab No. 156) $479.95 $439.95

20-20409-1 SD40-2 Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 – Indiana Railroad $479.95 $439.95

30-1633-1 4-8-4 Imperial “J” Northern Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 – Norfolk & Western #611 $459.95 $419.95

30-20226-1 NW-2 Switcher Diesel Engine  Proto-Sound 3.0 – CSX $309.95 **

30-20226-3 NW-2 Switcher Diesel Calf (Non-Powered) – CSX $139.95 **

*Has SD40E markings to reflect recent real life mechanical upgrades implemented by NS

**$425.95 as a prototypical cow and calf pair

Christmas Hours

For the Holiday Season Stockyard Express will be open:

Tuesday-Friday 11-6

Saturday 11-5

Sunday 11-3

Our Service Center hours of Tuesday-Saturday 11-4 will remain unchanged.

Follow us on our Facebook page for daily updates on sales, specials and more!


Warehouse Finds! N&W J & Rare CP Royal Train

Just in time for the holidays a pair of MTH Premier Line steam locomotives have rolled out of the archives.

First up is the Norfolk & Western J Passenger Set with Proto-Sound 2.0. Appearing in 2008 Volume 2 catalog, this is a sweet set. It includes J 602, one RPO, two streamlined coach cars and one streamlined observation car. This set has never been run and is in brand new condition.

Priced at $1099.95 this set is a steal when compared to the new 2015 Volume 1 Proto-Sound 3.0 Js which we will be selling at $1099.95 for just the engine alone!

N&W J 602


N&W J 602

20-3365-1 N&W J Passenger Set w/Proto-Sound 2.0 $1199.95 $1099.95

Next up with have the Premier Line Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson with 7 matching passenger cars. Appearing in the 2008 Volume 1 catalog this locomotive is one of a kind. Specially painted for the honor of transporting King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth on their trip across Canada in 1939 Hudson 2850 powered the 31 day trip from coast to coast. After the tour Canadian Pacific was  given permission to designate all of their 4-6-4s as “Royal Hudsons.”

This rare set includes the 20-3315-1 Blue Royal Hudson 2850 along with 7 matching Premier CP Royal Blue passenger coaches, a $1500 value for only $1199.95!

CP 2850

Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson Proto-Sound 2.0 plus 7 car passenger set $1199.95


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