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Santa Fe Alco PA #53 And Passenger Car Sets Just Arrived !!!

20-21154-1   MTH Premier Santa Fe Alco PA 

A unit cab #53   $469.95

20-64408  MTH Premier Streamlined

Santa Fe 4-Car Passenger  Set  $395.95

3 – Streamlined Coach cars  #3135,3138,3140
1 – Streamlined Baggage  #3514


FINALLY! MTH Wheeling & Lake Erie K-Class Berkshire!

MTH Premier Line

Wheeling & Lake Erie K-Class Berkshire

Finally being made!

Taking orders – to be delivered in September!


New Stockyard Express Exclusive merchandise videos!

MTH General Steam Engine C.C.&C R.R review (courtesy JD Stucks)

MTH Nickel Plate Road F7 AA Set and NKP Diner Car review (courtesy JD Stucks)


M1 Chesapeake Turbine

Special Pricing on Chesapeake & Ohio M-1 Steam Turbine


O Scale Premier M-1 Steam Turbine Electric Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0

MTH 20-21056-1



US Army 70′ Madison Baggage Passenger Car

Stockyard Express Exclusive!


US Army 70′ Madison Baggage Passenger Car

MTH 20-40073  $99.95  – IN STOCK

Halloween Car Specials!


30-76784 Flat Car w/Headstones & Flickering Lighted Candles – $70.95

30-76785 Flat Car w/Headstones & Flickering Lighted Candles – $70.95

30-79596 Operating Action Car – $70.95

30-76686 Flatcar w/40′ Trailer – $51.95

30-74845 Boxcar – $47.95

30-76655 Flatcar w/40′ Trailer – $49.95

30-74977 Boxcar w/Glowing LEDs – $70.95

30-73546 Smoking Tank Car – $70.95

30-74962 Boxcar – $50.95

30-72208 Gondola w/Flickering Lighted Ghosts – $70.95

4-4-0 Steam Passenger Set Released

Stockyard Express Exclusive!  IN STOCK – $549.95 for complete set!

M.T.H. Electric Trains has released a RailKing 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive and complementing passenger cars in Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati livery.


About The 4-4-0 – 4-4-0 Nashville was part of Lincoln funeral train procession from Cleveland to Columbus only – other engines also were used

Following his assassination, the body of Abraham Lincoln embarked on a nearly 1,700-mile journey before he was finally laid to rest in Springfield, Ill. The president lied in repose at two Washington, D.C., locations — first, on April 18th, in the East Room of the White House and then the Capitol rotunda on the 20th. Following a private prayer service for members of his Cabinet, an honor guard took Lincoln’s coffin and loaded it onto a special funeral train, led by Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati’s “Nashville”.

More than 10,000 people watched the engine and its nine cars — including the presidential car hastily remade into a hearse — begin its 1,654-mile trip back to Lincoln’s hometown. The casket was accompanied by a group of Lincoln relatives and personal friends, as well as a military honor guard made up of luminaries from each branch of the armed forces. The train also contained the body of Lincoln’s 11-year-old son, Willie, an 1862 victim of typhoid fever, whose body was disinterred in order to join his father in Springfield.

Item No. 30-1810-1 Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati 4-4-0 General Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0

About The Passenger Set (passenger cars only, there is no Lincoln funeral train car)

RailKing Overton Passenger Cars are the perfect complement for any 19th century or earlier steam-era locomotive. Configured in 3-car coach sets, each features car interior detail, overhead interior lighting, end-of-car diaphragms, and intricate under-car detail. All configurations are mounted atop die-cast metal 4-wheel trucks with operating metal couplers, metal wheels, and metal axles.

Item No. 30-6452 Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati

NKP Caboose – Arriving Soon!

Stockyard Express Exclusive!


Arriving in early 2020

Only one of these cabooses were ever built

Nickel Plate Road Caboose

MTH 20-91678  $74.95 each

Santa Fe R50B Express Reefer Car


Stockyard Express Exclusive!


#4052 & #4056 

Nickel Plate F7As

Stockyard Express Exclusive!


Nickel Plate F7A

MTH 20-21261-1 & 20-21262-1  $439.95 each – IN STOCK

#800 & #801

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