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Today we share with you Adam’s latest video production from his own YouTube Channel. For the weekend of July 3-5th he was in Roanoke, VA riding behind the newly restored Norfolk & Western Class J Northern #611. There were two different trips you could take and Adam rode both the eastbound Powhatan Arrow from Roanoke to Lynchburg  and the westbound Pelican from Roanoke to Radford . On the days he did not ride it he visited the O. Winston Link Museum located inside of the former N&W Roanoke Station and the Virginia Museum of Transportation home of the J, the A and for the next 5 years the last Y6a. Besides the museums, Roanoke is a true railroad town as it is home to the former N&W office building and Hotel Roanoke along with the Shaffers Crossing Engine Terminal and Roanoke Shops which are still used by Norfolk Southern today.

For more information on the 611, Roanoke, along with local railroad sites and locomotives check out these websites below! The 611 may be done for the summer but 765 is getting ready to go!




Now in stock at Stockyard Express it is the 30-1650-1 Southern Pacific  4-8-8-2 Imperial Cab Forward Specialty Freight Set. The set includes locomotive number 4293, four boxcars, and a bay window caboose. If you are looking to expand your roster with an impressive looking articulated that can go around an O-31 diameter curve with ease, look no further than the SP Cab Forward!

Cab Forwards were introduced on the Southern Pacific as early as 1910. The route over the Sierra Nevada involved 39 tunnels, 40 miles of snow sheds and 2.5% grades on either end. Crews would suffer near suffocation while traversing this route. With the perfected diesel locomotive decades away the only solution was to build a steam locomotive backwards. Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works these engines were built back to front and burned oil in their fireboxes. 4293 is of the AC-12 class which was the 17th and final version of the cab forward built for the Southern Pacific. Engine 4294 is only cab forward to survive into preservation and is housed at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.

Sale Price $799.95/$729.99

Locomotive Features

  • Die-Cast Boiler and Tender Body
  • Die-Cast Metal Chassis
  • Authentic Paint Scheme
  • Metal Wheels and Axles
  • Constant Voltage Headlight
  • Die-Cast Truck Sides
  • (2) Precision Flywheel Equipped Motors
  • Locomotive Speed Control in Scale MPH Increments
  • Remote Controlled Proto-Coupler
  • Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Metal Handrails and Decorative Bell
  • Decorative Metal Whistle
  • Glowing Marker Lights
  • Synchronized Puffing Proto-Smoke System
  • Operating Tender Back-up Light
  • Real Coal Load
  • Proto-Sound 3.0 With The Digital Command System Featuring: Freight Yard Proto-Effects
  • Unit Measures: 27 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 4 1/16″
  • Operates On O-31 Curves


All aboard! The latest video production from Stockyard Express is in the form of the long-awaited MTH RailKing Scale Nickel Plate Road RS-3. Appearing in the 2014 Volume 1 catalog, this scale sized ALCO RS-3 diesel locomotive is packed with power and detail worthy of any Proto-Sound 3.0 model. But wait there’s more! The first of the newly tooled Premier Line flats with crates have also arrived from MTH Electric Trains. These hi-rail freight cars are packed with railroad specific lettering and colors, come with three removable crates, and separately applied chains to secure each crate in place. Available roadnames include; New York Central, Pennsylvania, Union Pacific, and U.S. Army. They may be purchased individually or in 6-car sets.

If you are wondering how to buy that fancy looking Nickel Plate Road caboose at the end of the train you will not have to wait long. Our Stockyard Exclusive Nickel Plate Road N6b cabooses will hopefully be delivered within the next few weeks! There is still plenty of time to order one but remember we will only be producing 100 of these cabooses.


30-20213-1 Nickel Plate Road  RS-3 Diesel Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0  $319.95/$299.99 

20-90878 New York Central  6-Car Flat Car w/(3) Crates Set  $349.95/$319.95

Pre-order Stockyard Exclusive NKP Caboose #1155 (Vermilion, Ohio) and/or #1047 (Bellevue, Ohio) $64.95 EACH

You are also invited to check out our online inventory for a whole host of new products that have just arrived from MTH Electric Trains

Stay tuned for more model train content on our Facebook, YouTube and OGR Forum pages!

Since it was National Train Day on Saturday, we took the time to make a new video featuring the RailKing Amtrak Genesis Diesel Locomotive number 156. The engine is pulling three Amfleet cars for the Coast Starlight which operates between Seattle, Portland, and  Los AngeIes. In the year 2011 Amtrak celebrated its 40th Anniversary by painting a number of Genesis diesel locomotives in the many different paint schemes that Amtrak has used over the years. #156 sports the earliest red and black nose paint scheme.

This is not the only engine we have from Amtrak in stock. We have a selection of other Genesis locomotives, including an MTH Ready-to-Run train set, and a GP-7 available as either powered or non-powered. If your layout is set in the modern day an Amtrak train is the best way to add passenger service to your empire.


Amtrak #156

30-20217-1 Amtrak #156 Genesis Diesel Engine with Proto-Sound 3.0 $299.95/$279.95

30-20219-1 Amtrak #145 Genesis Diesel Engine with Proto-Sound 3.0 $299.95/$279.95

30-6521 Amtrak 2-Car Amfleet Coach Passenger Set $119.95/$105.95

30-20188-1 Amtrak  GP-7 Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 $319.95/$289.95

30-20188-3  Amtrak  GP-7 Diesel Engine GP-7 Diesel Engine (Non-Powered)  $169.95

30-4230-1  Amtrak Genesis R-T-R Amfleet Passenger Train Set w/Proto-Sound 3.0 $439.95/$389.95

For more Amtrak engines and rolling stock please check out our MTH Product Inventory



All aboard! Union Pacific 8357, an EMD SD70ACe, is ready to go on the Stockyard Express Central Railroad. Take a ride on the mainline and watch some switching action as the locomotive picks up some of our custom run “Route of the Centennial” PS2-CD grain hoppers from the elevator.

All MTH RailKing Ready-to-Run Train Sets are equipped with everything you need to get into the world of O-gauge model railroading. See the features below

Every MTH RTR Set includes:

  • Twin Motored Diesel Locomotive
  • 3-Car Freight Consist
  • 31″ x 51″ 12-Piece RealTrax Circle
  • RailWare Interactive DVD With Track Layout Software
  • Lighted Track Lock-On
  • 50 Watt Transformer With Wireless Digital Remote Commander

RailKing SD70ACe Locomotive Features:

  • Durable ABS Body and Metal Chassis
  • (2) Flywheel Equipped Motors
  • Locomotive Speed Control In Scale MPH Increments
  • Electronic Reverse Unit
  • (2) Remotely Controlled Proto-Couplers
  • Operating Headlight
  • Operating Ditch Lights
  • Operating Smoke Unit
  • All-Metal Wheels and Gears
  • Proto-Sound 3.0 Sound System Featuring Freight Yard Proto-Effects
  • Locomotive Measures: 17″ x 3″ x 3 7/8″

Freight Cars Feature:

  • Intricately Detailed Durable ABS Bodies
  • Durable Die-Cast 4-Wheel Trucks With Smooth-Rolling Metal Wheels and Axles
  • Operating Die-Cast Metal Couplers
  • Colorful, Attractive Paint Schemes

The set lists for $429.95 but at Stockyard Express we sell them for $379.95! This is a great deal considering that the locomotive by itself is worth $329.95!

CSX, Norfolk Southern, and BNSF versions of this train set are also available.




Trains to Consider in the 2015 V2 Catalog

MTH has re-released several popular locomotives from past catalogs in the new 2015 Volume 2 Catalog. Many of these locomotives are unique such as the GE Evolution Hybrid and the Norfolk Southern Executive Train. Some are also historic such as J 611, available in both RailKing and Premier, and Norfolk Southern SD70ACe #1030 which participated in the gathering of all 20 NS Heritage Units at the Spencer Roundhouse. Possibly the most important items are those associated with the Nickel Plate Road. Premier Berkshires, including 765, Nickel Plate Road 70′ Madison Passenger Cars, and a RailKing 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper with a map of the NKP.

30-75535 Nickel Plate Road 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper $54.95 $49.95

Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 Imperial “J” Northern Steam Engine $459.95 $409.95

30-1674-1 #611 Returning to the main line this year in Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam Program

Get a matching Auxiliary Water Tender!

30-79497 Norfolk & Western – Auxiliary Water Tender (Die-Cast) Passenger Paint Scheme  $149.95/$139.95
30-79498 Norfolk & Western – Auxiliary Water Tender (Die-Cast) Freight  $149.95/$139.95

Union Pacific Big Boy $799.95 $699.95

30-1684-1 #4014 Oil Tender Currently undergoing restoration and conversion to oil firing at Union Pacific’s Steam Facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

30-1688-1 Southern Pacific (Daylight Large Lettering) #4449 4-8-4 Imperial GS-4 Northern Steam Engine Currently undergoing scheduled maintenance at its home in Portland, Oregon. $459.95 $409.95

Chesapeake & Ohio  4-6-4 Streamlined Hudson Steam Engine $459.95 $409.95 C&O 490 is preserved at the B&O Railroad Museum

30-1692-1 Cab No. 492
30-1693-1 Cab No. 493

30-20314-1 CSX (Safety Train Markings) Imperial GE ES44ACe $329.95 $295.95 Build your own CSX Safety Train with specially marked rolling stock in the RailKing Line up.

GE Evolution Hybrid Demonstrators (LED Charging Lights) $349.95 $304.95

30-20315-1 G.E. Evolution 2010
30-20316-1 G.E. Evolution 2015

20-3617-1 Norfolk & Western Class A 2-6-6-4 Steam Locomotive #1218 Hi-Rail Wheels Preserved at Virginia Museum of Transportation, serviceable, and has run in the past in NS Excursion Service $1499.95 $1399.95

20-3620 Norfolk & Western – Auxiliary Water Tender II (Die-Cast) $249.95 $224.95

20-3575-1 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy  #4014 Oil Tender $1599.95 $1499.95 Currently undergoing restoration and conversion to oil firing at Union Pacific’s Steam Facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

20-3593-1 New York Central – NYC Empire State Express Passenger Set $999.95 $899.95 Recreate the first train to reach 100 MPH in North America!

Norfolk & Western J 611 “The Queen of Steam”

20-3571-1 Norfolk & Western J Class 4-8-4 Northern #611 $1199.95 $1099.95 Returning to the main line this year in Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam Program

Nickel Plate Road 765

20-3568-1 Nickel Plate Road S2 Class 2-8-4 Berkshire  #765 $1199.95 $1099.95 Returning to mainline again this year in Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam Program and has visited the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad every fall for the past few years.

20-3567-1 Nickel Plate Road S2 Class 2-8-4 Berkshire #755 $1199.95 $1099.95 Preserved at Conneaut Historical Railroad Museum

20-3620 Norfolk & Western – Auxiliary Water Tender II (Die-Cast) $249.95 $224.95

Nickel Plate Road 70′ Madison Passenger Cars (And the NS OCS passenger cars would look great behind the 765 too!)

20-42025 NKP RPO Passenger Car $99.95 $89.95

20-44025 NKP 2-Car Baggage/Coach Set $199.95 $189.95

20-41025 NKP 2-Car Combine/Diner Set $199.95 $189.95

20-40025 NKP 5-Car Passenger Set $459.95 $409.95

GE ES44ACe $499.95 $439.95

20-20505-1 Pennsylvania Cab No. 8102 (Norfolk Southern Heritage Diesel)
20-20508-1 GE NextFuel Cab No. 3000
20-20509-1 GE NextFuel Cab No. 3001
20-20512-1 Iowa Interstate ES44DC Diesel Engine, Cab No. 516

GE Evolution Hybrid Demonstrator (LED Charging Lights) $529.95 $469.95

20-20506-1 Cab No. 2010
20-20507-1 Cab No. 2015

20-20513-1 CSX – ES44 Safety Train Set $749.95 $679.95 Add-on cars are available in catalog

20-20515-1 EMD SD70ACe Norfolk Southern Cab No. 1030 $499.95 $439.95 Famous for being at Spencer Roundhouse for NS’s gathering of all 20 Heritage Units

20-20516-1 SD70ACe Denver & Rio Grande Western Cab No. 1989 (Union Pacific Heritage Diesel) $499.95 $449.95
20-20517-1 SD70ACe Missouri Pacific Cab No. 1982 (Union Pacific Heritage Diesel) $499.95 $449.95

Norfolk Southern Office Car Special F7s (OCS or Executive Train)

20-20556-1 Norfolk Southern – F7 A-Unit Diesel Engine, Cab No. 4270 (modern day NS Executive Train) $449.95 $399.99
20-20557-1 Norfolk Southern – F7 A-Unit Diesel Engine, Cab No. 4271 $449.95 $399.99
20-20557-4 Norfolk Southern – F7 A-Unit Diesel Engine, Cab No. 4271 Non-Powered A-Unit $169.95 $159.95
20-20556-3 Norfolk Southern – F7 B-Unit Diesel Engine, Cab No. 4275 Non-Powered $169.95 $159.95
20-20557-3 Norfolk Southern – F7 B-Unit Diesel Engine, Cab No. 4276 Non-Powered $169.95 $159.95

Norfolk Southern Office Car Special 70′ Smooth Sided Streamlined ABS Passenger Cars – Get them for your NS F7s, J 611, A 1218, or NKP 765!

20-68265 NS RPO Car $99.95 $89.95

20-67265 NS Full Length Vista Dome $99.95 $89.95

20-69265 NS 2-Car Coach/Coach Set $189.95 $179.95

20-66265 NS 2-Car Coach/Diner Set $189.95 $179.95

20-65265 NS 5-Car Set $449.95 $399.95

Below is a video of the RailKing version to give you a taste of this spectacular train

Stockyard Express Central Railroad Track Plan Deal

Stockyard Express Central Railroad Track Plan Preview

Stockyard Express Central Railroad Track Plan Preview

Good things come if you wait and today Stockyard Express is happy to present a full track plan for the Stockyard Express Central Railroad otherwise known as the New Layout. The SECR fits in a space 16 feet long by 6 feet wide and utilizes the Lionel FasTrack system. Divided into 2 separate loops, 1 passing siding, and 1 spur track this layout is built for those who love to run trains continuously just like we do at the store. It can be controlled either conventionally or with the Digital Command System.

The layout is divided into 10 electrically isolated sections for DCS recommended “star wiring.” However the Blue Line, Orange Line, and Green Line can all be isolated from each other as well. For example we have it wired so that the Blue and Green lines are powered through one handle of the Z-4000 transformer and the Orange Line is powered by the second handle.

This layout is perfect if you are a fan of RailKing locomotives and rolling stock which are all capable of O-31 curve operation. If you run strictly Premier you will be fine running most diesel locomotives but you may have to watch yourself with steam locomotives. In our experience the largest engines we have run on the SECR have been the Premier UP Challenger, N&W Y3, and the NYC Niagara but they can only fit on the outer loop with O-60 curves. Smaller Premier Hudsons, Pacifics, Mikados, and Berkshires can run on  both the O-60 and O-48 loops.

The large open space in the center is perfect for scenery and for placing operating accessories next to the track around the inner loops. The 4 outer corners are also prime locations for accessories and scenery.

Full catalog price for this layout is $1469.88. Your price is $1322.89* including the full track plan with part numbers.

Call us at 440-774-2131, email us at or visit us at the store for more information!

*Tax and shipping is not included

 If you would like to see what this layout looks like in real life just watch the video below!




New to model railroading? Trying to find out how to get started? Stockyard Express has the answer in the form of the MTH RailKing SD70ACe Diesel Freight Ready-to-Run Set! These reasonably priced sets have everything you need to start your own railroad empire. First we have the powerful dual-motored RailKing SD70ACe diesel locomotive equipped with the Digital Command System, Proto-Sound 3.0, Proto-Smoke, Proto-Couplers, LED lights and more. Then you get a gondola car with removable loads, a brightly painted modern tank car to match your engine, and of course a caboose! Also included is a a 51 x 31 inch oval of MTH RealTrax which is great for either floor layouts or tabletop layouts. What really makes this set though is the inclusion of the DCS Remote Commander and a powerful Z-500 transformer allowing you to control your model train just like the real thing in scale mile per hour increments!

With an MSRP of $429.95 we sell our sets for $379.95! Considering that the engine is listed separately for $329.95 this is an excellent deal! Should anything happen to your set note that whenever you purchase any MTH train set or locomotive from us you receive 12 months of free parts and labor at our in-house Authorized Service Center.

Visit us today to see one of these sets in action on our layout and our staff will be more than happy to help you learn more about the magical world of O-Gauge model railroading. Currently available in 4 different railroad names you will be sure to find one that you like.

SD70ACe Diesel Freight Set $429.95/$379.95
30-4224-1 CSX
30-4231-1 Norfolk Southern
30-4232-1 BNSF
30-4225-1 Union Pacific

Trivia: What does CSX stand for? The “C” stands for the Chessie System, the “S” for the Seaboard System and the “X” has no meaning whatsoever. CSX Transportation was formed in 1986 by the merger of these two railroads which were themselves a combination of about 10 other railroads. In 1997 CSX acquired 42% of Conrail.

The long awaited Stockyard Exclusive MTH Premier Line Nickel Plate Road 70′ Madison RPO Cars are in the building! Limited to 100 cars and two road numbers evenly split between RPO #830 and #831 these cars will not be around for long. They make a perfect compliment to any Nickel Plate Road passenger train hauled by an Alco PA, GP-9, or Berkshire. If you have not yet pre-ordered one or both there is still time but please do so before it is too late! Call us at 440-774-2131, email us at, or visit us at the store.

Please note that the NKP GP-9 featured in the video is no longer available to purchase.

NKP 830

20-42018 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #830 $89.95


NKP 831

20-42017 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #831 $89.95

20-42018 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #830 $89.95

20-42017 NKP 70′ Madison RPO Car #831 $89.95 *

*#831 is preserved by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society operators of NKP 765

As always check out our Stockyard Exclusives page for more information on past and future products!

New York Central Mania

All aboard for Train #26 the 20th Century Limited! Back in December the MTH Premier Dreyfuss Hudsons arrived both individually and in specialty sets. We are excited to say that the rest of the train has finally arrived. All Premier Line streamlined coaches for both the 1938 and 1940 versions of the Century are now in stock.

In 1945 the New York Central was in dire need of more powerful locomotives. Expanding upon their 4-8-2 Mohawks the locomotive designers at ALCO and the Central came up with the 4-8-4 Niagaras. Designated as duel service locomotives the 27 Niagaras output 6000 cylinder horsepower which was more than capable of speeding along fast hot shot freight and passenger trains.

The MTH Premier Line NYC 4-8-4 Niagara Express Reefer Set is now in stock at Stockyard Express. We also have 6-car Pacemaker Freight Service 40′ AAR Boxcar Sets, NYC 40′ Steel Sided Reefers, MDT reefers, and a variety of NYC cabooses all from MTH’s Premier Line of products.

The NYC 4-8-4 Niagara Streamlined Passenger Set is scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks.

If you would like to see before you buy look no further than these two new videos brought to you by Stockyard Express LLC or stop in the store to see the Water Level Route in person on our layout!

New York Central Niagara

1938 20th Century Limited

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